Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes, 19-5-1976

Did you know that  Howard Hughes once dated three starlets on one night, in the same restaurant, at the same time? New Year’s Eve, 1955. And it wasn’t an accident; it was planned (maybe a resolution??). Do not try this at home (especially if you are married)! He didn’t triple book when he wasn’t thinking about it. He was thinking about it the whole time; it was just another challenge for Mr. Hughes. Howard loved beautiful women, risk taking, his ego (but not food so much) and always had to have what he wanted. So, he came up with a master plan that he thought only he – and only he – could pull off. He met three different women, Jean Peters (his original escort to whom he gave a diamond and sapphire bracelet), Susan Heyward (to whom he has just sent gardenias; she was hoping he would propose that night) and Yvonne Shubert (to whom he had sent roses) in different dining rooms at the Beverly Hills Hotel and kept excusing himself (late because of TWA problems or something),  stepping away for phone calls or for a forgotten gift or being called away by the waiter (who seemed to know what was up, enjoying it himself, I’m sure). He nibbled at his food and it turned out that he nibbled at his women too, short changing them of his time and attention until they discovered what was up. Susan went hunting for the disappearing HH and upon finding him with Jean, the ladies compared notes and briskly abandoned him, leaving him alone (so they thought). His scheme exposed, he found Yvonne to whom he brought a special gift, a diamond and sapphire bracelet (ha ha! she was none the wiser) and with whom he spent some hours that evening. His last romantic thoughts, however, were, “How am I going to get Jean back?” I imagine that when it was all over, with the exception of wondering about Jean, he simply let out one of his characteristic wry grins, knowing that he had given it the “good ol’ college try.” Howard didn’t have much respect for women (almost none; he used them constantly, even pretending to marry them just to get sex) and this was another illustration of that conquering instinct in the heart of most every man who, unless changed by the Gospel, will degrade women, use them for his own purposes and move on to another adventurous opportunity, sadly I might add, after either succeeding or failing in the quest. Think about it, if you were the world’s wealthiest man, seemingly completely autonomous, in contact with the most gorgeous women in the world (he was also a movie producer) and so full of yourself that you didn’t care what anyone else thought, wouldn’t you go for three women at one time?  Hmmmmm….. I guess any man would unless his heart was changed by Another to think and act and love differently – a man transformed by the Word and the Spirit of God. Now that’s some serious changing! AreUserious about the Gospel of Christ?

Source: Hughes, Richard Hack, New Millennium Press, (c) 2001. A classic work.
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