Personal Devotion

Do you know God? Do you love God? Is there passion or personal devotion for God in your heart and life?

A. W. Tozer was an evangelical pastor and mystic writer (in the good sense of mystic, believing that you can actually know and love God personally through His revealed Word, the Bible, and the enabling power of the Holy Spirit) who made his goal to helps others become personally devoted to the living God and His Son Jesus Christ, the second member of the Trinity. Tozer helps us understand what abiding in Jesus, the vine, really means. Read below….

Quotes from The Pursuit of God, A.W. Tozer:

A. W. Tozer, 1897-1963

There is today no lack of Bible teachers to set forth correctly the principals of the doctrines of Christ, but too many of these seem satisfied to teach the fundamentals of the faith year after year, strangely unaware that there is in their ministry no manifest Presence, nor anything unusual in their personal lives.  (p. 8)

The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God, that they may enter into Him, that they may delight in His Presence, may taste and know the inner sweetness of the very God Himself in the core and center of their hearts.  (p. 10)

Come near to the holy men and women of the past and you will soon feel the heat of their desire after God. They mourned for Him, they prayed and wrestled and sought for Him day and night, in season and out, and when they had found Him the finding was all the sweeter for the long seeking.  (p. 15)

The man who has God for his treasure has all things in One.Many ordinary treasures may be denied him, or if he is allowed to have them, the enjoyment of them will

“Self is the opaque veil that hides the Face of God from us.”

be so tempered that they will never be necessary to his happiness. Or if he must see them go, one after one, he will scarcely feel a sense of loss, for having the Source of all things he has in One all satisfaction, all pleasure, all delight. Whatever he may lose he has actually lost nothing, for he now has it all in One, and he has it purely, legitimately, and forever.  (p. 20)

Self is the opaque veil that hides the Face of God from us. It can be removed only in spiritual experience, never by mere instruction. As well try to instruct leprosy out of our system. There must be a work of God in destruction before we are free. We must invite the cross to do its deadly work within us. We must bring out self-sins to the cross for judgment. We must prepare ourselves for and ordeal of suffering in some measure like that through which our Saviour passed when He suffered under Pontius Pilate.  (p. 46)


The late brother Tozer, now rejoicing in the presence of King Jesus, was serious about seeking and knowing and loving God. areUserious?

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  1. lorna says:

    wouldn´t you agree, after reading tozer and listening to his sermons, that for him there was no bad mystic? he navigated his way through their world without judging or criticizing any of their strange beleifs, mostly born through the ignorance or poverty of their time. i was just on another page, a meditation page, and had to feel just a bit sad as they wrote that most of the earlier mystics used the language of the bedroom to describe their experiences. would that more of us loved Jesus, our eternal spouse, with such a passion. okay, my opinion…bless you, i enjoyed reading your page and just downloaded A Bruised Reed for my kindle on your recommendation.

    in Christ´s great love, lorna

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