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What is a Christian?

There are many definitions of the word “Christian.” Most of us have seen or known people who say that they are Christians but their behavior is not consistent with their profession of faith. Usually, those people are termed “hypocrites.” No … Continue reading

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Thomas Boston (1676-1732): “The Art of Man-Fishing” (Excerpts)

FROM THE INTRODUCTION BY DR. J. I. PACKER Boston…: “I think I have Spirit; that is, that I have life… from the following grounds.. I have light that before I did not have… This light lets me see my heart-sins… and … Continue reading

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A disciple, simply stated by definition, is “a learner, a follower.” A Christian disciple is a learner or follower of Jesus Christ. The difference between a Christian disciple and any other disciple of another leader or religion is that the … Continue reading

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When one considers the area of apologetics (the defense of the Christian faith), the three learning domains need to be kept in mind. The whole person is made up of mind, emotion and will. Apologetical approaches should consider the force … Continue reading

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The Need For Evangelism

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