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Interested in Reading The “Disciple Investing” Life? Here’s an Excerpt

Culbertson_06946_Excerpt Disciple Investing Life ‘Used with Permission of Wipf and Stock Publishers‘  

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My Story

I was a freshman student of a few weeks at the University of South Carolina walking down the sidewalk between the reflection pond and the Thomas Cooper Library. I was on my way back to my dorm room, having just … Continue reading

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What is a Christian?

There are many definitions of the word “Christian.” Most of us have seen or known people who say that they are Christians but their behavior is not consistent with their profession of faith. Usually, those people are termed “hypocrites.” No … Continue reading

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A disciple, simply stated by definition, is “a learner, a follower.” A Christian disciple is a learner or follower of Jesus Christ. The difference between a Christian disciple and any other disciple of another leader or religion is that the … Continue reading

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